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Monday Social opens up a new chapter in the history books with the launch of its new label, Monday Social Music!

With its debut release set for the eve of Monday Social’s 21st Birthday, Monday Social co-founder Freddy Be teams up with San Francisco legend Freaky Chakra for a deep, sensuous 2-track single that defies being categorized or labeled into any one dance music genre.

With influences ranging from melodic house, dub, breakbeat and techno, this artistic collaboration dives into the nostalgia and heady vibe of the legendary MNS club nights, gleaming with a golden sound that echoes deep into the timeless. ‘Never Leaving‘ is riddled with lush melodies that resonate with one’s innermost thoughts and emotions. It’s a deep and sexy tech-house groover that combines dreamy vocals, sublime harmonics and a feeling of grandeur with a soulful, futuristic vibe. ‘Give Me Your Love’ captures the tribal spirit of early ’90s undergrounds with a deeper, darker approach to today’s melodic house and techno genres. Together, they form a rich two-track E.P. that pushes wistful desires forward in a modern way.

Release Date: May 21th, 2018


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