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MNS is back with the second installment on its new label imprint, Monday Social Music, with an exhilarating summertime groover from LA-based production duo Freddy Be & Savi Leon. Two staples of the Los Angeles dance music scene and longtime friends, Freddy and Savi have been making waves as of late with their intoxicating sounds that have induced releases on world-renowned labels such as Selador, Under No Illusion, and New Violence Records. Their latest offering, ‘Feeling’ Lovely’ brings a deep and sexy, energized groove to a well-executed arrangement that embodies the perfect blend of uplifting keys, vocal samples, and percussion with slightly dark undertones. Pure vibes for those warm summer nights, or open-air atmospheres. Keep an ear to the ground for more quality releases from this imminent production duo.

Last but not least, rounding out the package on remix duties is Cologne-based Tolstoi & Andsan who have quickly established themselves as two artists to take note of with releases on Under No Illusion, NoExcuse, Lapsus, and Underground Audio to name a few. On the boys flip of ‘Feeling’ Lovely’ they take a nostalgic nod to the early 90’s house sound, chopping up the classic keys and throwing on their unique bassline sounds, this mix is pure class. Staying true to the original feel-good vibes of the release, its safe to say the guys definitely nailed it on this one

Release Date: August 6th, 2018


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