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Selador Recordings showcase is back for its seventh installment titled ‘The Magnificent Seventh.’ Coming off a three-part, 5-year anniversary compilation, the label shows no signs of slowing down, going from strength to strength on this one and raiding the musical larder to bring nothing but international flavor. Included in this pack are seven selective cuts from around the globe, ranging from Sweden to Argentina, Belgium to Belarus, Germany to the UK, and Ukraine to the USA.

From the USA, are two staples of the Los Angeles dance music scene and longtime friends of the label, Freddy Be and his production partner Savi Leon, who have been making waves this year, with releases on labels such as Under No Illusion, New Violence & Monday Social Music. On the boys’ exclusive track, ‘Say What You Want To Say’, they have put an up-to-date twist on the classic ‘Datar – B’ sample with a deep and sexy melodic groove that’s perfect for setting the tone to warm up a night or heat up the day if you catch our drift. Be sure to be on the lookout for more quality releases from this up-and-coming LA production duo as they are starting to pick up steam!

Release Date: June 29th, 2018


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