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Freedo Mosho returns to Electronic Groove with the groovesome ‘Pied Piper’. Remixes come from SHFT, and Roger Martinez. Freedo’s original sizzles with tension as sonic motifs playfully shift attention underpinned by crisp percussion and a gut-shaking reese bass.

New Delhi-based SHFT has been making increasingly large waves in the Techno underground with music signed to a dizzying range of quality imprints. Here he focuses on delivering a deep, hypnotic vibe utilizing Freedo’s clever sound design.

Rounding out the package, Roger Martinez draws on his rather accomplished career to create something of a masterpiece of patience wrapping the whole thing in a cloak of melancholy rage. This is sure to ignite dancefloors the world over.

Release Date: Jun 12th, 2018


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