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As Natura Sonoris continues to back new and exciting talents, for their next release they are welcoming A Friend Of Marcus with his debut EP ‘She Who Annihilates’. Hailing from the land down-under, this Australian producer is a new name to the scene but already a promising one.

First, it was featured on Henry Saiz’s recent Balance pres. Natura Sonoris compilation, where the label boss layered the track with his very own ‘Our Discovery’ “I’ve been a friend and huge fan of Henry and his label Natura Sonoris for many years. A Friend Of Marcus notes – …so to have my debut track on the label as well as his Balance compilation is a great honor for me. His “Our Discovery Version” really added another dimension to the original and had a great impact on the first disc”.

And now ‘She Who Annihilates’ is coming to Natura Sonoris in its full glory. Dark and rumbling, the original piece is full of sinister swirls and metallic stabs that only add to the dark atmospheric vibes. The track is backed by a tough yet meditative groove that is meandering along expertly. Establishing a bridge between light and dark, its ominous and inviting mood gives a perfect introduction to what’s still to come. “When I first wrote the main riff, it made me reminisce of the sunrise (or “she who annihilates” the night) and the changing of darkness into light’- musician continues on the idea behind the track. ‘The track came together well and I actually flew from Australia to Spain to finish it properly in Henry’s studio.”

The same cut also receives remix treatment by Petar Dundov that’s deeper, moodier, more sultry and foreboding. Built around a hypnotic rhythmic core, with its lush pads weaving into radiant chord progressions, it develops a mystical storyboard with spacey sonics stealing the air. And its expressive charm, cascading tones and dramatic pull turn this one into the ultimate party starter. “I felt the vibe of the track would be an interesting proposition for the deep, hypnotic themes that Petar Dundov so elegantly does. Henry thought so too, and we’d actually all just been on tour together, so it was really organic and three weeks later we had his amazing remix”

An expressive and emotive label debut from A Friend Of Marcus who’s spinning a wonderful piece of work for your dancefloor pleasure.

Release Date: March 2nd, 2018


1. She Who Annihilates (Original Mix)
2. She Who Annihilates (Petar Dundov Remix)

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