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Anathema continues with its spring releases by having the Greece born DJ and Producer George X, delivering 2 originals masterpieces for his label debut EP accompanied with deep-house remixes from Greek producer VieL aka Vasilis Lampaouna, and DJ and music producer Diego Medina aka Corei born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

‘Cassiopeia’ is paced by brooding insistent tribal drums merged with sweet eerie vocals and tasteful strings that gently entwine with flutes that will keep the crowd in a dreamy state. A punchy bassline and heavenly choruses paint the canvas for ‘When Look to the Sky’; then music journey is complemented by tripped out keys and unearthly rhythms.

VieL’s remix of ‘Cassiopeia’ is crafted by deeper and groovier luscious chords combined with subtle percussion and strings.

Finally, Corei’s Remix of ‘When Look to the Sky’ is curated with beauty sonic-nature sounds combined with melodic strings and electronica down-tempo beats and synths.

Release Date: June 7th, 2019


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