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Not even two years have passed since GHEIST first broke through. Fusing that rare narrative alchemy that sings across dancefloors universally, they continue to tap into the essence of house and techno with a precision sense of playfulness and poignancy… And turn heads on every occasion.

This return to Sasha’s Last Night On Earth is no exception. The follow up to last summer’s ‘Rufos’ EP, once again it shows the foursome at their most evocative, widescreen and, in the case of ‘Somerset’, most ardently euphoric. A beautiful tune named after the UK’s most beautiful county, it’s a rolling, break-based evangeliser that endlessly lifts with timeless rising chords and an innocent vibe hat can’t help but take you back to ‘Northern Exposure’-era 90s.

EG: How did you guys meet and end up working together?

GHEIST: We actually met about ten years ago. We were studying music together and from the beginning on we were writing, producing and performing as a group in different constellations. But most of all we became very close friends ever since.

EG: Do you find you clash in the studio? Or do you find you’re often on the same page with things?

GHEIST: Since we’ve been working together for such a long time we are actually used to each others ups and downs throughout a creative process. Creating music in our opinion needs to be an emotional journey, so obviously there are moments were one has to go for his personal opinion. So yes from time to time we are fighting but not against each other. It’s simply about the music. But mostly we are on the same page sharing the same vision and the same feeling about our tracks.

EG: This is the second time you’ve graced Sasha’s label. What is it about the label that you resonate with sound-wise?

GHEIST: First of all Sasha definitely is a legend to the scene. He started his career in the late 80s and he is still here and doing great stuff. On top of that Last Night On Earth is a very well known label which puts out great music. Last year we got the chance to get together with Sasha and to do a release „Final Chords“ on LNOE. The release went very well and we found a good way working together.
We always felt as if the label was quiet open sound wise. It’s more about putting out good music. To have another release on LNOE feels really good to us. It’s always great to maintain a relationship with a label and built on what you’ve done before. We are excited to share our „Somerset“ Ep with you and hope you’ll enjoy it.

EG: What’s next for GHEIST? Have you got a big summer coming up?

GHEIST: Something that we are particularly happy about this summer and which we had in mind for quiet a while is launching our own label “Radau Records”. It’s supposed to be a place that gives us freedom to release whenever and whatever we want. It feels like now is the time to do it. And on the other hand we have quiet a few releases coming up. We are really looking forward showing our progress as an act through production and of course live. So if you’re around we are happy to meet you on various festival and club shows.

Release Date: April 20th, 2018


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