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Composer and multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli helms SVT218 in her trademark vibrating manner, offering up a total of five tracks, with newcomer Sam Shure and seasoned duo Moonwalk in charge of the remixes. Colourful and vivid – two words that not only describe Giorgia’s appearance, but her overall performance and production style. The classically trained singer and producer is known for using an array of toy instruments to shape her sound, a versatility that makes its mark throughout the EP.

Enlisting the talents of Einmusika and Katermukke alumnus Lake Avalon, the artists put together a captivating, string-heavy piece centered around a meandering bassline entitled ‘You Caress’.

Moonwalk take on remix duties, morphing the track into an intense synth-heavy construction coiled around the soaring vocal.

‘No Body No Pain’ dives into the dark corners of melodic techno through a whirlwinding exploration full of dynamism, while ‘Because I Like It’ blends grave synths with dreamy atmospheres, courtesy of Angiuli’s ethereal vocal delivery.

Sam Shure’s remake is infused with the emotional energy of the original, whilst plunging into its own wormhole of glitched vocals and undulating synth loops.

Release Date: April 13th, 2018


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