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The brothers Jonathan and Ferdinand Bockelmann aka Glaskin … the “Kellerkinder”, who are taking care of the “Schall im Schilf” & “Back to the Woods Festival” form together the duo Glaskin. In recent months, a lot has happened to them, they have e.g. with Escape Velocity released her debut EP and another 2 more on Hotflush. ‘Tymewriter’  is carried by a broken beat over which gloomy surfaces overlap. Just FAT !!

Simon D and Pluto produce together as Preset. With “Club Sub” they deliver a dirty techno-breakbeat board that does not look the same. ¡Techno Smasher!

Blitz Resident & Lighthouse Festival Booker Leo Küchler aka“Vince” made his vinyl debut with “namechanger”. He does justice to his style as a DJ with this housig-playful number in each case.

Phillip von Bergmann is Rote Sonne Resident and firmly in the circle of friends of Ilian Tape, Maurice Paloni runs the label Alden. The result of their collaboration is a breaker club track, perfect for building tension.

Release Date: November 30th, 2018


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