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Kevin, Glasgow Underground’s chief, inspired by ‘Three Drivers Greece 2000‘, one of the label’s tracks and in his own words “an absolute monster tune whose cascading synth line is one of the best ever in house music” decided to create its own spin recreating all the synth parts. It will be published as a part of Glasgow Underground’s next melodic house & techno compilation named ‘Callisto’.

But, there are more tracks in ‘Callisto’ from Kevin and Sam Dexte’s favorite up in coming producers in that genre such as Giza DJs, David Jackson and Grazze, who after releasing in labels such as Armada, Baroque, Eton Messy and Pink Star Grazze is at his best moment. The Spanish DJ and producer has created ‘Waves in the Night’ a track that perfectly suits this compilation.

Release Date: June 22th, 2018


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