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For release number 204 on Ready Mix Records, we present HAFT’s latest ‘Elephant’s Hill’ EP with two original tracks, plus remixes from 7even (GR), Voluntier, Hrag Mikkel & Pambouk and KodKod.

Comprising producers Sam Naseh and Amir Subb, HAFT have been gaining fans all over the globe since their debut in 2017 thanks to a unique fusion of Eastern flavors and atmospheric techno soundscapes.

Opening track ‘Elephant’s Hill’ nicely encapsulates the HAFT sound, with slow moving, blunted grooves, scintillating Oriental string melodies and pristine production throughout.

First remix comes courtesy of Voluntier, aka Londoner Michael Singleton who chooses a slightly more urgent tempo for his version, taking ‘Elephant’s Hill’ into spiritual deep house territory, with busy percussion and evocative original melodies.

For the second remix, Athens beatmaker 7even (GR) keeps the tempo languid and dubs out ‘Elephant’s Hill’ to within an inch of its life, taking it into the echo chamber and out the other side!

Second original track ‘The Shahoor’s Palace’ throws down another laid-back groove, showing a trippier, more stripped down side of HAFT.

For the track’s first remix, Lebanese producer Hrag Mikkel joins forces with the Grammy nominated Pambouk to turn in a delightfully hypnotic slice of melodic deep house, equally at home on the terrace or in the club.

Finally, Turkish producer KodKod conjures up a deep-thinking, mystical reworking of ‘The Shahoor’s Palace’, providing a moment of shimmering beauty.

Release Date: May 30th, 2019


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