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It’s May which means that it’s getting hotter. But at Jannowitz Records it’s not hot anymore. It is boiling! Reason for this rising temperature is our newest find, in our opinion an uber producer going by the name of Heerhorst. This fine young man is no stranger in the German club scene. You’ll find him playing DJ sets in most metropoles here. And when Bastian, which is his actual name, is not out there behind the decks – he produces for labels such as Stil vor Talent, Octopus or Tronic – no big deal, wink!

For us, Heerhorst sat down and worked on a debut EP. Yes, you’re seeing this right. We’re not introducing him with a remix as usual. Heerhorst deserves the full-on support with an entire release. His ‘Meltdown’ EP consists of three originals – meaning there is only one remix on this EP. There is just so much high quality music coming out of Heerhorst, not much remixing needed.

But before we get to the music itself, there is another special occasion that we’d like to highlight: Tattoo Paul Talbot is one of our favourite designers. For this release, he made a very special cover that goes perfectly with the Jannowitz style. If you haven’t done it already: Check Paul out!

Ok, now to the business: ‘Meltdown’ is one hell of a track. It’s melodic, it’s straight forward, it’s dark – it is everything Jannowitz Records stands for – but produced in such a fine fashion that the track gets better and better the more you listen to it. Same with the percussive “Vex” – the second track on this EP. It’s a slower, hi-hat driven track that climaxes in a seemingly endless drumroll right before that groovy drop.

It is the silent moments that make Heerhorst’s tracks as unique as they are. The third original “Moto”. Is the perfect example of that. It’s a heavy techno track that works perfectly for peak time DJ sets. It bursts of details and little bits and pieces. But its highlight is the violin melody rising up in the middle of the break, giving the track almost a gentle touch before it vanishes into a dark rolling kick drum. —

It’s this high energy that surrounds all of the tracks on this EP that let us choose a whole different style for the remix. We’re super happy that Olivier Weiter said yes when we asked him to work on ‘Meltdown’. His version is softer but without losing its drive. He used a deeper kick making it ready for open air season and those amazing festivals that we are all waiting for.

Release Date: May 13th, 2019


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