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Packing a double dose of allure and lushness Natura Sonoris is back at it with a euphoric single from Henry Saiz. Titled ‘September’, it is a delightful 3-track EP full of intricate details that the Spaniard balances here and there.

Featured in his latest Balance compilation, the original version of the track is a mixture of ethereal vocals, elegant bass, entrancing motifs delicately undulating over captivating mystery – no one else but Saiz could take this all so effortlessly and turn it into a flat out beautiful piece of music.

Raxon heats things up with whirling pads and fat basslines giving the original a punchy yet sophisticated touch. This one is an energetic voyage that simply keeps on building the tension weaving the fragile original into a peak-time thumper.

Through shadowy twilight and limitless spaces of the night, as the darkness of the night fights the rising of the day, ‘Endless Summer’ version bathes us in its crisp-edged warmth you didn’t even know you were looking for. Hazy textures and oozing tones create a blissful end of summer melancholy inviting you into the world of dreamlike realms.

If down deep inside where there is no light you want to know what’s the truth behind, ‘September’ is exactly what you need – a sonic joy to hear and explore.

Release Date: January 19th, 2018

1. September (Original Mix)
2. September (Raxon Remix)
3. September (Endless Summer Mix)

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