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This is the best way for us to begin a new year. 2019 and a 24th release for us with our most prolific artists : Hiboux and his third with Faites Leur Des Disques.

This time you will feel in Africa, especially on his dance floors. Traditional arabic melodies with deep fat synths, and bewitching voices. Turn your speeakers on, boil water, put fresh mint in a cup, 2 spoon of sugar and don your african bubu to belly dance with style.

French producer Max TenRom is back with us on a remix this time. His version propels Africa night into something more aerial and introspective. For the first time with us we are really happy to have Aio from Parquet records to deliver is own version of Africa night into something really groovy and effective on the dancefloor.

Release Date: January 7th, 2019


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