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Release number 187 on Ready Mix comes from the brilliant and avant-garde live electronic group, Holed Coin. Brainchild of Spanish producer Jose Carlos Acal and vocalist Maria Garcia, Holed Coin fuse electronic sounds and sampling with live instruments to create a distinctive sound that sits somewhere between HVOB and The XX. For title track ‘Clouds’, Holed Coin showcase live double bass and guitar over sultry vocals and atmospheric digital textures to build a unique, mournful epic.

Fellow Spaniard MoM stays true to the original for his remix of ‘Clouds’, adding just enough weight on the bass and drums to move the track into dance-floor territory. Mexican producer MiRET uses powerful synth arpeggios and dubby bass to drive his subtle, slow burning version.

Finally, Seville native Dixie Yure (aka Jazzler) ups the tempo and adds some bounce in his glitchy, off-kilter reworking. Holed Coin’s second original track ‘Uiaju‘ also has a live feel, layering acoustic percussion with languid Eastern flourishes, emerging with a sound we can only describe as ‘blunted in Bollywood’. Chilean producer Rodrigo Gallardo rounds out the package, slipping the somewhat trippy vocal atmospheres into a rolling, slow-mo deep house groover.

Release Date: June 11th, 2018


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