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Picking up where he left off in 2018, Holldën returns to Disturb with another hot piece of techno, packed with odd tricks, unannounced grooves and dancing incantations. Throughout the EP, the Portuguese writer-turned-producer displays with ‘gusto’ all the traits that make him one of the artists to watch in the coming years: boldness, vision, detail.

The opening track ‘Lothar’ is a subliminal beast with secret ambitions — which become apparent later on in the song —, with a cosmic synth lurking at the turn of an ominous bridge. In contrast, ‘Doc Sportello’ is a crooked affair, purposefully preying on the listener’s expectations, juggling between interweaving subplots of suspense and ecstasy, which, nonetheless, never quite touch each other, while at the same time muddying the waters with asynchronous loops across the board. The flipside of ‘Doc Sportello’, precisely, is a remix by legendary techno craftsman Patrik Skoog, wherein the Swedish producer delivers the fireworks in top form, straight-to-the-floor, as it is, all juice, no preservatives. Finally, the EP wraps up with ‘Coburn’, an intricate piece of music lifted by a cyclopic bass line and framed within a classic 4×4 kick.

Release Date: March 13th, 2019


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