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Dubai DJ And Producer Hoolz drops his latest EP ‘Night Tales’ on Kitchensync Records blending elements of downtempo, electronica, minimal and deep house into a four-track collection of smoothly produced grooves.

The first track, ‘Night Tales’, goes from less to more with a dub-style bassline, catchy dialogue vocal snippets, big wide theatrical pads, a punchy kick and groovy drum loops.

‘Wigglet’ follows up with a more rhythmic bassline and faster-paced percussion. There is also a lead synth melody that despite sounding a little cheesy works well on top of the non-stop groove that lays behind.

‘Gibberish Morning Sigh’ dives into deeper waters showing a more mellow and darker vibe led by its backing celestial pads and an inspiring bassline. After a short breakdown in the middle of the song, Hoolz flips things over to bring in some break-inspired rhythms that give a surprising yet impressive change to the track. Finally, the clean and intelligent percussion complete this track as the best production of this EP.

To round things up comes ‘Fly’, continuing the deeper and darker flow of the previous track with a dubby bassline and emotional melodies led by a classical piano and big sounding drum samples. A unique recipe of sounds carefully put together.

Release Date: December 12th, 2018


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