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Shortly after the launch, Prague based record label Moving Pictures is back with its second release. This occasion marks the launch of release series named ‘Aeterna’ that will be focused on exploration of deeper abstract & experimental sound direction with non-standard approach.

Original track is a work of 2 producers – Inceptions and Nitrous. The track describes the moment in the life of one of the authors while moving from one neighbourhood of Prague to another – showing how change of living environment can affect person’s worldview and senses. Authors have captured these experiences in a well-crafted, obscure track.

Czech selector and skilful producer Silhouette brings uncompromising twist to the original track by adding his own palette of sounds & textures, and swaying the tune into even darker abstract landscapes.

Remix of the original by label’s own Täino is a bass-heavy melodic tune, notable by its rolling kick-drum patterns and rhythmic progression, complemented by melancholy induced pads & synths.

Inspired by ethereal sunrises & distant lights.

Release Date: December 7th, 2018


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