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‘Arboreal Summer Vol.IV’ is a compilation combining established artists alongside new and upcoming talent. The unifying theme of the sound is one firmly rooted in summer as opposed to any style or genre.

19 Tracks, from Gibbon regulars, established artists, and new producers all together. Taking you from summery chilled roots through deep house, tech house and into dancefloor destroying techno with a hint of melodic wonder and more laced between, there’s music that fits every moment of the sunny days of the mid-season of the year.
Tracks that leave you in a contemplative mood, others that leave you head down grooving and a few that bring those extra special goosebumps and lift the hair on your neck, this truly is a compilation of the celebration of sunshine and summer!

As an added extra, we’re treated to a special and exclusive DJ mix curated by acclaimed label owner, DJ and producer, Paul Sawyer. Like a director among the tree tops, Paul’s DJ credentials that flow all the way through dance music history back to 90’s Ibiza shine through, beckoning the various elements to create a beautiful summer trip from the compilation’s tracks that is a pure delight for any ear and soul to encounter and experience

Release Date: July 16th, 2018


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