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Kindisch brings together its amazing pool of talent once more to create Steps IX, showcasing some recent gems alongside a heap of new material. Sam Goku takes the lead with Senlin.

The young producer shows us a fantastic tale of ambient woodwinds with a powerful groove of organic rhythms. Los Angeles local Tara Brooks drops the hauntingly enchanting number Ukiyo for our pleasure. A steady burning drive and a seductive soundscape of melodies and surprises.

Turning up the heat, Dubphone and Gabriel Sordo bring a heavy ended flow from Distance, thick and meaty but never too much.
MindControlla’s After Temptations gently flutters in, as its bass line drops into existence we’re already hooked. A relaxed percussion keeps the levels in check for a beautifully chill stroll along the deep, calm waters of the track’s spirit.

Of course this is just a few of the tracks but perhaps gives you a good idea of what else you’ll find inside.

Release Date: November 3th, 2017.



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