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Johnny Sacreé continues his 2018 push with a new breathtaking melodic progressive tech outing.

It all kicks off with the title track ‘Feel’ (Original Mix). A driving techno baseline blends with lush liquid ‘Feel’ vocals and melodies. Flowing percussion pours out of the speakers and sets the scene throughout on this uber deep underground melodic nugget.

‘Feel’ (Johnny’s Final Cut Mix) turns the Original Mix on its head and introduces a futuristic lead line to lace over the vocals. This gives the record a totally different vibe and warmth yet still managing to maintain a driving factor.

‘July’ (Original Mix) closes out this latest release on iDENT. A crunchy kick and bright hats set the track out from the start. An analogue bass and organ mid bass baseline provide that house vibe but the hats and lead line keep the track rooted to the more progressive, melodic techno world.

Release Date: April 30th 2018.


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