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‘The Head Game’ EP marks Joluca’s second appearance on Perfect Driver following their label debut ‘Like A Virgin’ on Swerve Volume 3. Comprised of 4 tracks, two originals and two remixes, the release features vocals by Grammy-nominated songwriter Hookman and internet sensation Mz 007. ‘Head Game‘, which gets its name courtesy of Hookman’s catchy vocal line, was born out of a late-night studio session that took place earlier this year while Dave and Adam (AKA Joluca) were briefly reunited after the latter moved to LA last September.

Act Right’ showcases both Mz 007’s brazen vocal style and Joluca’s knack for clever basslines that combine for a clubready cut full of equal parts sass and sub. Both tracks have been thoroughly club-tested by label head Matthew Anthony who has been dropping them in his sets over the last few months. For a fresh take on Act Right, we tapped fellow Canadians Smalltown DJs who turned the clubby original into a festival floor-filler. On Head Game, Moody Recordings’ Ben A turned things down a notch, spreading out Hookman’s vocals to overtop a deep and dark warehouse beat.

Release Date: August 24th, 2018


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