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Multi-talent Joyce Muniz is definitely one to look out for. Initially starting her career as a vocalist, she’s since taken the global house scene by storm as a deejay and producer, exhibiting her talents on the roster of such prestigious labels as Exploited Records and 20/20 Vision.

This February she will release her single ‘Toxic People’ on International Deejay Gigolo Records, featuring the singer, songwriter and producer Demetr1us. Toxic People is a vibrant and raw sounding electro cut featuring grimy synths and vocals that lend the track a cold and distant atmosphere.

The artwork for Toxic People is by Leipzig-based artist Silvia Trost, whose talent lies in oil and acrylic paintings. She now frequently collaborates with glitch art artists and loves to mix materials and techniques, both analog and digital.

Release Date: February 2nd, 2018.


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