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Spaniard Juanjo Tur who serves a 3-track ‘Sinopsis’ EP that steps over to the darker side.

The lead track ‘Nightshift’ is a melodically driven abyss that builds and intensifies, keeps you in suspense and locks you in the space where the dark and the beautifulpeacefully coexist. With its driving drums, heavy subs and edgy synths it soars, dips and dives. The crème de la crème of a dancefloor mayhem.

Next one comes ‘Sinopsis’, which is a dark and unrelenting piece with robust synth lines, a firm rhythmic drive, weighty frequencies and murky bass textures. It builds, swirls, and unfolds; it’s tough, tense and brooding – perfect for the darkest of rooms at the latest
of hours.

‘Delta’ then closes the package and this one is a fat techno roller with infectious drums and heavy edges. Hypnotic at times, mind-melting throughout, it just keeps on burrowing deeper and swaying you away with its pensive poignancy.

This EP is a storm; a kind of storm one doesn’t want to escape from.

Release Date: February 15th, 2019


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