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For its 34th release, AEON – Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year – shifts its attention towards Israel. ‘Druma’ marks the breath-taking debut appearance of Kadosh & Yost Koen on Alex Niggemann’s outstanding imprint. Within the unique melting pot of world-class talent that is emerging from Tel Aviv’s ultracompetitive underground scene, Amiram Kadosh is flying high. Combine his youthful exuberance, pure aptitude and deep-rooted passion, with the masterful musical knowledge and experience of Jerusalem’s inspirational Yost Koen, and this supremely dynamic, collaborative project gels seamlessly. Within a pulsing heartbeat ‘Druma’ encapsulates an explosion of joyous vigour, soaring with powerfully evocative rhythmic elements and intricate percussive parts, all launched and layered to perfection. Kadosh & Yost Koen blend diverse and distinctive cultural reference points perfectly for today’s unified global dancefloor.

On remix duty, Mathias Schober masterfully builds explosive musical tension. Swiftly re-building ‘Duma’ from a bassline backbone upwards, with layer upon layer of dynamic synths, he imparts his own secret Morse code for artistic excellence.

The Berlin-based man with a thousand disguises (SHOW-B, SB, SBTH,

Internacional Electrical Rhythms, Pattern Select) and label head of Lossless, is on fire here. Completing this outstanding package, ‘Voices’ expands from a stripped-back, hissing percussive groove into a call to prayer for enlightened creative minds by utilising spine-tingling vocal elements. As the journey unfolds, the track’s linear structure is further expanded with a simple bassline and yet more of the duo’s distinctive, explosive percussive elements, to create a perfectly perfect finale.

Release Date: October 5th, 2018



1. Kadosh & Yost Koen – Druma
2. Kadosh & Yost Koen – Druma (Mathias Schober remix)
3. Kadosh & Yost Koen – Voices

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