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20 years in the game and Zurich’s Kalabrese continues to produce timeless music, with his ever-distinctive vocals and rumbling beats, informed by the school of minimal and nodding heavily to organic funk rhythms and song-oriented structures.

As Kalabrese is busy working on an upcoming album, he deals with everyday occurrences which he reflects on and reinterprets. This led him to make a detour by Zukunft Recordings with ‘Let Me Be Your Princess’ a three track EP with a 10-minute low-key funk groover of a title track, which he says “became a mirror of life”.

On two other tracks he is joined by Lara Stoll on whisper and vocal duties. Both artists deliver a message that’s equal parts ironic and deliberate but first and foremost an invitation to dance.

Release Date: April 4th, 2019


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