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After having entrusted his Microdub EP to Curiosity Music in March 2017, Kevin Castro is back with the Parisian label in early 2018 on the occasion of his new EP, ‘Frisson’, to be released on February 19. The talented American producer delivers two subtle and rhythmic tracks. Frisson, eleventh EP stamped CM, also marks the return to business of their first godfather, Alexi Delano, author of an excellent remix, and the entry of Funkastle and Pedro Floriani into their artistic family. Nothing like to launch the year!

Presented in March 2017, Microdub, previous Kevin Castro’s EP signed by Curiosity Music, had got two Premiere by Electronic Groove and 8day_Montreal. The beautiful artistic partnership between the American producer and the Parisian label could not remain without a future. Revealed in 2014 on the occasion of a first EP published by SCI+TEC, the very famous Dubfire’s label, the avant-garde music lover launches the new year of Curiosity Music with a new EP titled Frisson. With his family coming from Colombia, the country of Salsa and Merengue, Kevin Castro defies the musical genres theories with brilliance, oscillating between House, Minimal, Techno and Jazz. He delivers here two tracks of a refined Minimal House, with sounds – sometimes soft, sometimes abrasive – both retro and futuristic.

Starting point of this EP, the track ‘Frisson’ could have remained a jealously guarded secret: “When I produced it quite a long time ago, the main purpose was to disassemble this track and split it into several stems that I would play over my sets. After receiving many positive reactions from my gigs, I felt that it could be a track that should be released since a lot of people asked about the lead sound and melody.” Before giving Frisson to Curiosity Music, he revealed it at a party in New York, where he performed just before Dubfire. “At first, I didn’t really know what to name the track but when I started using it for my live sets, I immediately knew that I wanted to name it Frisson. There was a moment when I played before Dubfire in New York and as we were switching for him to begin his set, I used Frisson as my last track and he began playing some of his snares live on top of my record. For me that was a moment of frisson. Frisson can be defined as the feeling you get when your hairs stand. It’s a mixture of fear and thrill.”

The story of ‘Mariposa’, the second original track of this EP, is quite different: “It was a less methodical and more emotional production. I was craving some higher frequencies in my mixes at the time. I also wanted to create something with a bit more texture. It was like paying a creative debt to myself since Frisson has more of a mid-range type of sound my ears were craving something more on the high-end spectrum. I wanted to maintain my signature sound, but I also wanted to challenge the DJ and the listener with more of an experimental texture,” he explains.

Release Date: February 12th, 2018.


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