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We’re thrilled to welcome Kincaid and Sinàl into the Beesemyer Music family with their new EP ‘A Very Stable Genius’. The EP comprises of two original tracks ‘A Very Stable Genius’ and ‘Uma’ with John Monkman providing the remix of the lead track.Both tracks showcase the new sound of these two pioneering London-bred artists.

When asked about the EP, Kincaid and Sinàl explained: “Both tracks on the ‘A Very Stable Genius’ EP started their lives as odd, misfit creations of percussive and textural sounds. From these we wanted to create something using minimal elements, that still managed to take people on a journey through the sounds we’ve used. We wanted uncertainty, unease, and tension to be inherent in each track, which we hope will be clear from listening to both ‘A Very Stable Genius’ and ‘Una’.”

Monkman’s remix of ‘A Very Stable Genius’ is underpinned by a dark, hypnotic groove taking the listener deeper into the lead track.

Prepare for a twisted ride into the deeper side of techno.

Release Date: May 4th, 2018


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