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We had the chance to talk with Kyodai about their latest release.

EG: Where do we find you today, what have you been up to and how would you rate your 2018 so far?

Kyodai: Hi guys! We’re currently enjoying the Sun at home in Mallorca. It’s been a busy year so far, we’re very involved in the night scene here, handling the bookings at Garito Café. We’ve also started a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, every Tuesday in which we invite a lot of artists and friends to play. So it’s been a good start and we’re really enjoying 2018.

EG: Kyodai means ‘Brothers’ in Japanese… Which figures. 🙂 Is it tough working, travelling and spending so much time with your sibling? Are there ever battles on the road or in the Studio?

Kyodai: Of course as siblings we sometimes discuss stuff, but we never discuss for too long. That is one of the reasons we’ve been able to make music and live together for many years. Sometimes we fight for the for control in the studio, we both are very impetuous when we have an idea, but normally we have a good method. Also, we have two rooms, one of them has a mini composing studio with a keyboard and basic stuff and the other with more pro stuff, so we can separate sometimes to create ideas or when one of us is making beats the other can sequence or whatever.

EG: With your track ‘Breaking’ having featured on the soundtrack for the GTA 5 video game, has it led you to consider making music specifically for games, TV or films in the future?

Kyodai: Sure, we would love to do it. We are always keen to explore new projects and it would be good to create music for games and films. Back in the days with our Wagon Cookin’ project we did some jingles for radio and advertising, but definitely GTA was a big moment for the Kyodai project.

EG: Your new ‘Iyesá’ EP on Exploited has a real stripped and percussive sound. Tell us a little about the release and the production process behind it.

Kyodai: Regarding the tools, we like to work with the computer as the heart, but not in the box. We really appreciate the color and characteristic of adding analog synths and real instruments to the digital world and that’s what we tried to do on these tracks.

EG: You have a strong relationship with the Exploited and Local Talk labels. What are the secrets to a lasting label-artist connection?

Kyodai: Basically we love to work with people who love the music and the guys from Local Talk and Jan from Exploited are very professional and real music lovers, so we are a good team.

It’s very important to have a good connection and relationship with your labels so that you get the best results and support for your releases.

EG: So before we say goodbye, can you let us know what Kyodai have lined up on the Music and Party front over the coming months?

Kyodai: Now we focus on this EP which is getting great early feedback and we are doing a tour for this summer. At the same time we’re finishing the ‘Local Talk’ EP and are involved in making parties in Mallorca and Ibiza this summer.

Release Date: May 7th, 2018


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