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Self Fulfilling Prophecy remixes’ recasts in vinyl version the Techno esprit of La Fraicheur´s original album with four reworks, which condition the dancers to unstoppable footwork as much as they open the listeners ‘minds up.

On the A-side, an activist of the Polish scene, VTSS is a leading figure in the protest against conservatism, racism and ambient homophobia and one of the founders of the Brutaz parties in Warsaw. She rocks “Eau Troubles” in an “industrial” soundscape, as disturbing as fascinating.

Noncompliant (also known as Dj Shiva), an icon of US techno rave scene of the 80s, today widely supported by the demanding international technosphere (with release on Dark entries or Fidel Two) is animated by the same fury instilled by worldly injustices. Her remix for ‘Renegade’ is propelled by an unstoppable steamroller of offensive analogic sounds and a weird hi-hat.

On the flipside, Serbian producer Scalameriya (Genesa Records, Perc Trax) takes over ‘The Movements’ in a chokehold that evokes techno’s struggle against space and bodies. In conclusion, Fritz Windish & Nayan Soukie divert the metronomic kick of ‘The New is Not Born Yet’, with a good dose of insouciance tinged with psychedelism, classic ingredients of the Berlin set deejays at sunrise.

Release Date: October 31st, 2018


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