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See Double, the burgeoning dance imprint fronted by Luca Cazal and Brigante, will kick off 2018 with its first ever digital V/A compilation, a six tracker celebrating the wealth of talent shared amongst the label bosses’ close knit group of like minded contemporaries. Fully equipped with floor-filling energy, SD006 deftly explores the driving and tripped out permutations of deep and minimal house, best suited for the dim lit basements of Europe and farther afield.

The compilation offers material from preceding See Double artist Boris Werner, this time in collaboration with Tuskegee’s Bas Ibellini to concoct the funk laden weapon ‘Pump my Ish’. ‘Posh Chocolate’ comes courtesy of The Laburnum Boys Club trio formed by Luca Cazal, Bas Ibellini and SLF, the track is filled with analogue crunch and modular synthesis. Kaoz Theory affiliate and fabric regular Stephane Ghenacia steps up with the beautifully constructed ‘Bleu’, whilst Manchester’s rising talent Josh Baker ups the minimalism with ‘Frequencies’.

Following releases on Mr. KS and Ghenacia’s Highpath, Taymor Zadeh comes correct with the mesmeric ‘Galadria’, propelled forwards by a rolling bass arp and snappy percussion. Former See Double artists Jonny n’ Travis close the compilation with an original production entitled ‘Perception’, both uplifting and reflective in equal measure.

Release Date: March 2nd, 2018


1. Boris Werner & Bas Ibellini – Pump my Ish
2. The Laburnum Boys Club – Posh Chocolate
3. Stephane Ghanacia – Bleu
4. Josh Baker – Frequencies
5. Taymor Zadeh – Galadria
6. Jonny n’ Travis – Perception

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