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After a long wait, and almost 5 years after publishing their famous album ‘Exchange Levels’ (Irregular, 2013), the kings of the synthesized native pop, engaged in a journey through their inner space that had them somewhat away from these closest galaxies. They are back. Charly, Iván and Alex  better known as Lasers come out of their lethargy to present their fifth reference, in this case a 4-section EP that, like its title indicates ‘Possible Start Conditions’, has needed some time until the precise moment to give these perfect conditions to bring it to the light, to restart.

With a trajectory of unquestionable quality after 4 releases behind them, and having shone at festivals such as Sónar, Primavera Sound, Embassa’t – to name a few -, and a huge number of venues on a national level, it was just a matter of time and space until Lasers put their ship back into orbit.

The theory of the Multiverse gives its name to this 4-section EP, with a clear vision of spatial, temporal and inter-dimensional travels, which takes us to a terrain more focused on the dancefloor than we were accustomed to. Time seems to have done its job perfectly rescuing the elements of the band’s own sound, but reinforcing them with a much more hedonistic vision, more committed to a club vision.

Keeping their line of organic electronics, Lasers guide us to a dimension where the Nu-Disco, the Nordic Space Disco and the Old School House coexist in complete harmony. Gone are the dreamy moments, or the lyrical pop of his previous works. Instead, we find a raw, pure sound that prompts dance in its most primitive form.

‘2122‘ opens this EP (which will be edited in 10″ vinyl and digital) with a long fade in that takes us straight to the afterlife, where tension and surprise go hand in hand, then we immediately get into ‘Triangular Sides‘, which is nothing more than a reference to the exploration of the pyramids found in this new world. The ship continues its orbital journey with a technical stop in ‘Weekly Report’, which is a kind of bureaucratic spatial procedure necessary to reach the final destination (or not) of this stellar section, ‘Maps’, where the joy of this house cut puts a pause before the next stop in the universe of this band, which continues to prove that it is in perfect form.

Release Date: May 4th, 2018


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