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Anathema Records opens its Autumn season with a label debut EP entitled ‘Heavy Head’ from Ukraine’s musician and producer Oleg Lessovsky A.K.A. Lessovsky, which stands as a remarkable name in the contemporary world of Deep House, Nu Disco and Chicago House. His original works and remixes have an impressive fusion of emotional electronic tone with deep-flavored melodies.

Heavy Head’ is undeniable crafted by Lessovsky’s signature sound, a masterful combination of distinguished beats and melancholic, dusky melodies, overlapped with deep basslines, organic and eerie sounds, building and blending all up into progressive synths.

Heavy Head’ sonic boundaries were pushed on remix duties by the Grammy-nominated, Canadian born electronic music producer and DJ, James Teej, bringing to life 2 astonishing versions, deploying and exploring the deepest roots of melodic house, techno, and electronica. While Burnt Hash Straight mix exposes hypnotizing melodic elements with ethereal rhythms and galactic melodies; Stone Shuffle Trippin’s mix delivers a more passionate beat curated by organic and heartfelt instrumentation that builds up, progresses, and evolves into a hypnotic blended sound and punchy beat.

Focus Four’ production excels with a deep analog bassline and fashionable eerie vocals layered with a sophisticated synth combination of atmospheric, organic and melodic textures.

Remix duties are closed with a Mexican Alliance for ‘Focus Four’, between DJs and Producers Fec (Anathema’s head-honcho), and Josta (Hardpop Club’s resident and host of Edge City Radio Show). Crafting their collaboration with deeper and organic arpeggios, integrating refined melodies and eerie soundscapes that will take you on a magical trip.

Release Date: November 9th, 2018




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