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Local Dialect broke onto the scene in 2017 and have been steadily rising ever since.

Their latest single, ‘Ganymede’, is named for the largest moon of Jupiter, and it takes you on a sonic journey through the cosmos. A gut-punching bassline and strong groove starts off the expedition, and ethereal vocals and a shimmering melody carry you deep into space. The final act drops you straight into the eye of Jupiter, the most ferocious storm in the solar system, leaving the listener in awe of the grandeur of the universe.

Operating out of their studio in Queens, New York, Local Dialect pride themselves on fusing melody and harmony into their techno productions. Storytelling permeates their music, and their live sets expertly weave sound into a tapestry of emotions.

Keep a keen eye on Local Dialect—2019 holds great promise for them and is sure to be their biggest year yet.

Release Date: November 16, 2018


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