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Once upon a time, there was a talented producer, Loïs, a legend of electronic music, Laurent Garnier, and a young Parisian label, Curiosity Music. This is how Flore opened out, thanks to these happy connections. In collaboration with his friends Fruckie and Nebula Beatz, the French producer reveals a classic and devilishly modern House music that drives his listeners in a cheerful euphoria. As a bonus, two remixes signed by MoMs and François V, two more and more essential French artists.

There are stories only music has the secret. This one started at the end of the 2016 summer. For almost a year, in the darkness of his studio in Bordeaux, Loïs, aka Loïc Saunier, had been designing and polishing two new tracks, in collaboration with his buddies Fruckie and Nebula Beatz. Once the project was ready, he decided to send it to Laurent Garnier. Seduced by his work, the French master playlisted Flore, one of the two tracks, during his radio broadcast ‘It Is What It Is’, advising labels to quickly sign up this fresh new EP. True to ‘It Is What It Is’, whose English version is now broadcasted on Worldwide FM, Curiosity Music artistic team felt directly in love with this production, tremendously modern and loyal to the origins of House music, and scurried to get in touch with Loïs.

De facto, Class and Flore sound like anthems inviting listeners to share the euphoria of a pure happiness moment. In terms of sonorities, Loïs combines acidic and organic synths, a clear and effective beat and catchy melodies with disco accents. “For Class, I started working the main bass sound on my modular. Then I included a binary rhythm. In fact, my rhythmic is always very simplistic. I’m more focused on creating synths and effects. For his part, my friend Fruckie immediately thought of that a capella voice, which we put on it. Flore, the other track, is the result of a project I started with my friend Nebula Beatz. We worked together on the sampling part. I let him manage the rhythm part and he also found a voice that perfectly fits. Then I finished the composition by adding a big break and lots of synths.”

“Discovering electronic music really transcended me” 

Less nocturnal than in the past, Loïc is more dedicated to his excellent productions, but also to his three “babies”: Intelligent Design Studio, his production and mastering studio, Wefine, his label, and the DJ Art School, a DJ school he founded in Bordeaux with his friend Sébastien Rideaud. For this Frenchie, music is a passion to live, nourish and transmit. In his own case, this passion was born when he was still a teenager: “While I was in secondary school, I came across a techno remix of 2 Unlimited, a trend Dance music group in the early 1990s. From the very first listening, it turned me upside down, upset. With my parents, I had always listened to classical music or French and international pop music, but until then, I hadn’t much vibrated for music. Discovering electronic music, with its powerful kicks and hypnotic synths, really transcended me. At the time, one of my classmates had an uncle DJ, so we started listening to vinyl records and mixing at home… This is how everything began,” he says.

Under the name Loïs Plugged, the producer became renowned in 2010 thanks to a first EP composed of five frankly Techno tracks. Since then, he has alternated House and Techno productions. Some of them have been noticed and playlisted by great DJs like Joachim Garraud, Acid Pauli and Étienne de Crécy – for him, he even signed a sensual and very successful remix of Hashtag My Beautiful Ass featuring Fruckie – not to forget Laurent Garnier. Loïs’ collaborations with Fruckie, also coming from Bordeaux, have always been fruitful, with productions often arousing enthusiasm right out of the box, like Burn Alive, an EP acclaimed in 2014. For his brand new EP, Loïs chose to get rid of Plugged.

Naturally curious, the artist is inspired by the entire spectrum of electronic music. “In the ‘90s, I was hit by Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers, but I was also interested in tougher styles like Hard Techno or Hardcore. Kraft, Laurent Ho and Manu Le Malin are really part of my culture, for example. I have never been very minimal; I have always been rather maximal! (laughs) In fact, I prefer the kind of music you listen loudly and live!” As a producer, Loïs stands out with a rich, precise and effective way of composing. “I like things that evolve rather quickly, complicated, even if it could sometimes go against me. At the beginning, my productions were so personal and complex that only very well informed ears were able to understand them!” he jokes.

Over the years, he has not stopped refining his style and his work, which anyone can clearly identify and feel listening to the two tracks of this EP, supplemented by two particularly interesting and unifying remixes made by MoMs and François V, two other great references on the French scene. To consume without any moderation

Release Date: December 18th, 2017.


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