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Renowned Italian DJ & producer Luca Guerrieri delivers his debut long player ‘It Never Ends’ The 15 track album crosses a multitude of electronic genres pulling in inspiration from over 25 years of experience within the industry. With a mixture of unreleased music added to 6 of his standout tracks the album stands as a testament to the Italian’s expansive career, culminating in this rich body of work.

Guerrieri has already seen past releases like ‘Harmony’ gain huge support along the way by the likes of Pete Tong on his Radio 1 show et al, so this body of work comes with an existing and reputable catalogue of past work.

The LP itself includes standout tracks like ‘Tears’ and ‘Colony’ the variation across multiple genres pays homage to the Italian’s versatility.

The fascinating ‘Synthesis’ draws progressive electro laden synth inspo from electronic heavyweights Daft Punk, alongside the likes of ‘Colony’, ‘Mellowtronic’, ‘Beltempo’ and the excellent ‘Eleven’.

Techier cuts like ‘Involved’ take a more main room trajectory showing the length and breadth of the musical output on this record. ‘Go Back’ a shining example of uplifting and grooving classic house. A euphoric piano cut, laden with dramatic strings and expertly crafted crescendos, this is a summer time peak player!

Other highlights include ‘Destino’ and ‘Neptune’. An expansive, progressive synth masterpiece built for the big stages. Nestled right next to that is ‘Holding Me’ a progressive trance inspired release, another single that pulls on the euphoric heart strings with a simple enchanting vox sample layered over arpeggiated goodness.

Guerrieri brings the record to a close with lead track ‘It Never Ends’ if any track from the LP was undoubtedly inspired by the iconic robotic duo then this is it. Another hugely infectious summer cut, packed with punk!

A body of work that has taken 25+ years to compile, ‘It Never Ends’ is a timely reminder that away from the mainstream of major labels there’s an ample showcasing of amazing work waiting patiently to be unveiled.

Release Date: May 20th, 2019.


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