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Audiofly’s Luca Saporito goes solo for a superb new single on Get Physical featuring vocals from the legendary JAW.

As Audiofly, Luca has been a true globetrotter alongside Anthony with their own unique take on deep house and techno . As Audiofly they’re no strangers to the label, having released numerous singles on it since their first ever Long Player called “Follow my Liebe” which was widely well received from press and fans alike. As an occasional solo producer, the Italian has a distinctive style that is sleek and infectious, as proven on labels like Upon.You and Gp’s sister label, Kindish.

The excellent original version of ‘L’éclaireur’ features French vocalist and dOP collaborator JAW. It is nine fantastic minutes of house excellence, with cosmic synth work and epic breakdowns as well as JAW’s whispered vocals adding genuine soul. Rubbery kick drums drive it along, and the track manages to be as steamy and involving emotionally as it is physically.

An Instrumental is also included for those who prefer to get lost in the fantastic drum programming and colourful synth work. The hits seem that bit sharper and the drums more poignant, and again the mix of real feeling and dance floor function is what makes it stand out.

This is another fresh single from the always on point Get Physical Music.

Release Date: September 21st, 2018



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