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Lapsus Music turns their attention to a selection of on-point remixes of classic Luna City Express material. Along the way names like DJ T, Sante Sansome, Pablo Bolivar, Boris Werner and more all contribute. 

Get Physical main man DJ T goes first and flips ‘Motherland’ into a loose-limbed and slippery tech groove that will get right under your skin. 2 Sides of Soul then work their magic on DJ Dynamite and make it an airy, elastic cut with chattery claps and paranoid vocals layered in for maximum impact. 

The same track then gets flipped by Sante Sansome who over the course of six minutes layers in percussive wiggles, freaky vocals and woodpecker hits that all build to a crescendo and cannot fail to sweep you up. Boris Werner then tackles the same track in two different ways. His It’s On Da House remix is deep and wobbly, with a slick bassline and spacious kicks encouraging you to cut loose and lose yourself in the rubberiness of it all. His second, One Drink Yeah Right mix is another poised deep house cut with warm chords and undulating bass really soothing the soul. 

Pablo Bolivar gets edgier on his tense and pressurised take on Unity and Nw’s Kumharas mix of Space Bang is a spaced out four-minute downtempo trip into the cosmos and makes a perfect end to a fine EP.


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