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The latest in a flurry of sublime Lost On You releases comes from Turkish producers Lunar Plane, who join techno’s first completely philanthropic label for three tracks teeming in dark, menacing sounds for the dancefloor. The ‘Durga’ EPsignals a more refined direction for Lost On You that takes in all the late-night techno sensibilities you’ve come to expect and injects them with a hard dose of Eastern spirituality, making for a versatile three-tracker that gives the tools to raise the room.

First track ‘Durga’ is both a battle cry and a reading from an oracle, with mad scattered tribal percussion, lone piano strikes and half-step lurches on the synthesiser. A subtle breakdown predicts the arrival of the oncoming hordes, and, with the reverberations of a sub-bass, you’re whisked away in the uproar of battle. Dark, teeming and spacious, ‘Durga’ gives you room to breath on one condition: night is coming.

Lunar Plane continue the percussive feel on ‘Leo’, with distant drum hits that layer over each other like gunshots through the sky. Here, our singing oracle is replaced by twirling arpeggios of synth in staccato, charging like red flares to lead the track along with an army of sensuous kicks, hi-swung hats and well-wrought snares. It’s strong, crisp and euphoric, and perfect for guiding your crowd up to the next plane of ascendancy.

Third track ‘Carnival’ is a slow-burner, resting itself on the precipice of a mountainous drop and forcing you to stare into the bubbling abyss below. Pleas and exhortations whirl through the air, panoptic chords sweep through your vision, and you are falling. With each kick drum, ‘Carnival’ reaches a new depth of subterranea, until you are firmly in the grip of the underground system.

With the ‘Dunga’ EP, a lesson in fusing late-night dark club music with the subtleties of Eastern and analogue sounds, Lunar Plane up the ranks of a label committed to fighting poverty and malnutrition across the world. His second outing on Lost On You is hard-hitting, eclectic and full of the kind of latent energy to set dancefloors alight in the small hours, and makes for a valuable addition to not only your hard drive, but to the lives of some of the less fortunate in this world.

Release Date: May 6th, 2o19


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