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Manysheva left home and landed in France to embark on a new musical journey complementing the new chapter in her life. Behind, she left childhood memories of her family and her early musical explorations. She started learning the violin in a music school at 8 years old and has never stopped evolving since.

Today, a few prestigious institutions later, her strongest weapon is her enchanting voice reminiscing that of the timeless Kate Bush. With it, she sings tales of her life and her innermost feelings which she skillfully drafts into charming and spellbinding words. She also left her backing musician role in her indie-tinged pop rock band Tinavie to join forces with producer Marc Colin (of Nouvelle Vague) and bring her first solo album ´Alataou´ to life.

The title is a reference to the Kazakh mountain where she spent a great deal of her childhood. In it, we witness an amalgamation of Marc’s studio genius and Manysheva’s compositions and melodies, leaving us with sounds baring an electronic shell to an acoustic heart.

The album, released in May 2018, is now witnessing a revival by the hand of 5 different DJs. Puzupuzu, Antipop, Long Arm, Arandel and VIMALA each personally chose a track off of the album and remixed them to the image of their artistic visions.

Release Date: October 5th, 2018


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