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The new ‘This is not’ label goes forward with a new release packaged by the Italian composer Marco Dassi, the release will include a remix from we.amps.

Marco Dassi – Boxed
‘Boxed’ is a lo-fi house track. Based on continuous and cyclical rhythms that are intertwined with a piano melody looped and stretched. The track has a powerful drum sound that roll the listeners and give a very solid punchy sound. String and pads give a little bit of atmospheric feel to the track.

Marco Dassi – Purple Gem
‘Purple Gem’ is a classic sampled house track created to make people moves. A classical 70’s/80’s sample a little bit funky and soul that gives a special flavor to the track. The track has several pauses and restarts which create a great drops. This track is perfect for housy situation.

Marco Dassi – Boxed (we.amps remix)
The We.amps duo have made a clear reinterpretation of the original one, giving an old school “touch” to the track. A long intro followed by an un aspected break bring the listener to an atmospheric scenario starting then with a strong bass line and acid groove which give the right vibes to the the dance floor. Perfect composition for making the right warm up with fine taste.

Release Date: May 21st, 2019



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