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Coming on first for Part 4 is Third Son’s ‘Diode’ – a thrilling take on atmospheric, slightly damp and fever’ish TechHouse for the wee hours on the dancefloor, bringing a simplistic, yet highly effective and well seductive main motif alongside screeching swirls of sound, spine-tingling drones and panoramic, retrofuturist synth sounds for maximum pleasure.

Next up are Kotelett & Zadak who are namewise referring to ancient Rome with their track title ‘Brutus’, sporting quite a bit of a groove for connaisseurs dancefloors, weighing a deep ass low end, tripping bleeps and completely warped vocal bits as a significant trademark sound.

Call a tune sexy? Here it is! With Marco Resmann’s ‘Glide *Video Edit’ the labels creative head presents a pumping alternative take on his highly successful tune – a focused, dark’ish and spiraling Techno vision suitable for underground raves as well as banging main room sets in polished high-end venues around the world.

Being in ‘Chord Control’ is ONNO‘s mission here, getting down to a fusion of Minimal Techno grooves and stripped down TechHouse in which soft pads and strings are emerging slowly from a dry, rhythm-focused foundation like a curtain moved by an airy breeze, revealing an overview of a beautiful rural, fully undisturbed scenery in the early morning sun. A track as beautiful and expressive like one of the great still life painting from ancient greats.

Finally, label head Marco Resmann rounds things off with his ‘Space Craft’, an interplanetary vehicle propelled by a muscular, reverberating drum foundation and growling synth bass with additives like busy percussion layers, beautiful piano melancholia, and hefty, Motor City-reminiscing stab movements for added warp speed on the dancefloor. Who doesn’t want to take a ride to the stars with a captain like this?

Release Date: December 18th, 2017.

1. Marco Resmann – Space Craft (original)
2. ONNO – Chord Control (original)
3. Kotelett & Zadak – Brutus (original)
4. Third Son – Diode (original)
5. Marco Resmann – Glide (Video Edit)

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