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Tick tock, 2 o’clock, and the room is slowly rising. Enter ‘Apichada’, Marcus Meinhardt’s newest euphoria-soaked offering on Lost On You. With all the majestic techno action you’ve come to expect plus two special remixes from Darin Epsilon and FreakMe, Lost On You’s latest outing is already one for the 2019 highlight reel.

With ‘Apichada’, Meinhardt has crafted a 6-minute explosion full of mysterious flavours, revealing themselves n spiralling echoes and glimpses of percussion amidst the huge tones of his techno palette. A backdrop of loose glass patterns leaving rainbow acid trails every time they shake. Analogue flavours so crunchy they sink their teeth into your sense of perception, turning the world into the mad crimson apocalypse of Marcus Meinhardt’s mind, 124 times a minute. ‘Apichada’ is non compos mentis, and a powerful weapon for any discerning selector.

First up on remix duties is Darin Epsilon, who morphs ‘Apichada’ into a powerful house chugger laced with all the right ingredients; crisp hats, meandering snares and a swampy low-end give his remix the hypnotic edge to slide into your set with zero friction and maximum energy. A slow-burner that culminates in a rousing flare-shot from the cosmos, and you just keep on dancing.

The EP sizzles on with remix #2, this time from FreakMe. The Italian producer and disk jockey hits the track with that signature epic mood, steering and driving it into the upper limits of melodic spirituality. With a colossal, fuzzed-out bassline and a breakdown that feels like the end of the world, this is one for togetherness on the dancefloor when the early hours are dawning.

Through the music on their label, Lost On You are giving a chance to thousands who would never have it otherwise, and this is reason enough to support the quality sounds being put out by the upstart Parisian label. With download proceeds going to fix broken communities all over Africa and beyond, now is the time to get behind Lost On You and support humanity through music.

Release Date: March 4th, 2019.




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