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After the release of ‘Free Birds Fly Highest’, the sophomore longplay effort by Inyan Music label founder and creative mastermind Mario Neha, we’re now proud to present the first single taken off the longplayer – the ‘Free Birds Fly Highest Remix Session 01’ which seestwo of the album tracks reworked  and refreshed for 2k19. This single release also sees a restart for Inyan Music after a twelve months hiatus and exactly one year after Mario Neha’s album was put on the circuit. And even though the release was planned way earlier according to original plans this one proves that there’s no ‘best before’- date for timeless quality music.

With his remix for ‘Off To The Red Horizon’ we’ve got Jamie Stevens, member of the Australian band outfit Infusion and prolific producer with releases on labels like All I Dream and Bedrock under his belt, on a well melodic and spatial TechHouse tip focusing on a fascinating, slightly tribal infused percussion motif, discoid licks and dreamy overall vibe accompanied by complex rhythmic elements that make his re-imagination suitable for many contexts including early morning open air sets as well as groove- focused balearic terrace workouts.

Furthermore ‘Alpha Centauri (Garance Remix)’ transfers Mario Neha’s original vision into a tech- driven realm garnished with beautiful widescreen string arrangements and epic vintage synth bass pulses all falling together in an organic, floating and all embracing manner, elevating dancefloors and heaving crowds into heavenly spaces whilst truly connecting with punters innermost self. A timeless and fascinating rework by producer and DJ Garance, one of the burning hot female talents of the Swiss scene who’s already released her tracks on labels like Soulfooled and the likes of.

Release date: June 14th, 2018.


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