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Sol Selectas is a label run by US artist Sabo, and the label matches his deep and tribal sound. The artwork is designed by his fiance Helia Jamali, and is carefully created to visualize the individual sound of each release.

This new Sol Selectas release is a debut appearance from Mark Alow, a Spanish artist with previous releases on labels including Little Helpers, Baile Musik, Akbal Music, Innocent Music.

Based in Alicante, there is no doubt Mark Alow is leading the way for the city’s next generation of artists, as still a young producer he has already built up an impressive back catalogue, and is arguably one of Spain’s most exciting new talents.

Alongside the two original tracks on this release are heavyweight remixes from UNER and Robbie Akbal who each provide a solo rework.

UNER is an artist who to fans of melodic house and techno needs little introduction, with releases on labels that have ranged from Bedrock to Diynamic, making his first appearance on Sol Selectas with a track on the labels Summer Sol II compilation released in 2017. Making a welcome return to the label, UNER’s remix on this release is trademark of his much loved sound.

Robbie Akbal is a Mexican artist now living in Germany, and has released on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch, Culprit, Get Physical and No.19 Music. Often a collaborator with other artists such as Aidan Lavelle, Audiofly and Dance Spirit, this solo outing from Robbie Akbal focuses on the more melodic side of his style.

First up is ‘Golden Tiger’ with its pulsating synths that blend with vocal chants and stripped back percussion. Hypnotic and captivating the track had an undeniably spiritual sound that’s groove is tailor made for a dancefloor. Chic and understated this is proper House music that’s both Deep and Techy.

The first remix of ‘Golden Tiger’ comes from UNER, which has an extended ambient intro before the drums are finally introduced about a minute into the track. Slow building with fast flowing percussive rhythms, UNER puts his stamp on things with the addition of an epic synth line that leads the track. Keeping the originals chants but using them more as textures, this exquisite melodic rework is epic and club focused.

‘White Tusk’ is the second of the original tracks by Mark Alow. Tribal congas and atmospheric synths combine to create a deep and laidback groove, which is the foundation for soothing female vocals of ethnic origins. Oriental flutes add to the sense of intrigue and mystery along with an overall warm and welcoming vibe that runs through this deep house masterpiece.

Robbie Akbal finishes the release with his remix of ‘White Tusk’ that focuses more on the synths and a more rigid set of rhythms that are noticeably more up-tempo than the original. Still atmospheric but more tightly sequenced this version is a perfect alternative for those whose sound leans more towards the melodic side of House music.

Release Date: March 9th, 2018


1. Golden Tiger
2. Golden Tiger (UNER Remix)
3. White Tusk
4. White Tusk (Robbie Akbal Remix)

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