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The new release on Markantonio’s label AnalyticTrail is a three-track techno EP and a collaboration between the label boss himself and Lerio Corrado.

Markantonio is a leading figure in the Italian music scene and along with releases on his own label, his back catalog already includes the likes of Sleaze (UK), plus Drumcode, and he is soon to be releasing on Pan-Pot’s label Second State.

Based in Naples, he started his DJ career at just fifteen years old and quickly rose to fame in his local city before getting regular international gigs in Europe and other parts of the world.

Also working closely with other local artists from Naples, Markantonio was a regular collaborator with Joseph Capriati and signed early releases from Luigi Madonna, who have both since joined him as part of the world’s techno elite.

Collaborating on each of the EP’s track is fellow Italian artist and Naples based Lerio Corrado, who is a rising star following releases on labels such as Loose Records, Elrow Music, Little Helpers and AnalyticTrail. Not only is Lerio Corrado working on this EP with Markantonio, but he also collaborated with him on the forthcoming Second State release.

‘Alive’ starts off the EP in style with a thumping kick drum hard enough to hammer nails. The pulsating tension of the lead synth and uplifting pad intertwine and weave together like moving snakes. The dark atmosphere is augmented by a series of dramatic effects that go bump in the night, and help bring this techno masterpiece to life.

The second track ‘Lies’ is a tough an understated cut with rigid percussion at its foundation and has a slow building lead synth with a simmering tension waiting to erupt, with dramatic stabs and other startling bursts of sound that add twists and turns to the excitement of the journey. The perfect tool to build a set, this weapon should is an essential part of anyone’s techno arsenal.

Last on the release is ‘Ups and Downs’ that is all about the bassline with the bottom end frequencies rising up to dominate and destroy. With the sparse use of pads and other textures, the track’s pounding kick is the only thing that can subdue the immense power of the bassline. Like a tidal wave of sound, the unstoppable force and momentum of this cut make it perfect for any dancefloor.

Release Date: July 13th, 2018


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