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14 releases deep and still two months before we say goodbye to 2017; Ovum have been emphatically on-point this year. This debut from longstanding East German maestro Mathias Kaden is no exception…

A bucket-list EP for the Gera-based artist whose followed and collected from Wink’s label since inception, ‘Nova’ is both a personal showcase and a homage to a label that’s inspired his tension-heavy signature. Adding to a discography that boasts some of most respected techno labels possible (Vakant, Mule Musiq, Watergate, Desolat, Freude Am Tanzen), the ‘Nova’ EP flex’s Kaden’s darkest and deepest tendencies and includes certain signatures that many of the best Ovum releases share: acid, a direct and effective single word sample, versions and a DJ tool that will blow your dancefloor’s heads off.

The acid mix of ‘Nova’ sets the scene. Acid through Kaden’s perception; it’s warm, it’s subtle, it strips right back to a naked groove before thundering back into a head-shoeing finale with devastating effect. It’s complemented by Mathias’s alternative version; an atmospheric mix where the acid is switched out for rippling, dubby synths and a relentless drive that has just a touch of a French kiss to it. Loaded with a sweet shuffle in the percussion, you could lose your head in this for hours. Throw in the acapella/FX DJ tool and Marco Faraone’s turbine acid beast and you genuinely can lose yourself indefinitely in this release. Laced with a classic spoken word theme throughout, Mathias sums up Ovum perfectly…

“It’s how I always see Ovum: The past is the future. The future is the past. Ovum is one of the most Timeless Labels I know!”

Release Date: December 1st, 2017.


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