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Open your eyes. See the focus and the fade come into view, a swirl of once was and now is no longer. There is a road that leads to nothing, and inside there is something opening up. It takes a moment, a breath, a sharp inhale, before you know it: the dream has begun. Your fingers are flowers, your hair the cool rain on the grass. You and me, we are not the strangest things here. We are stranger than sound, than sight, than thought.

What is hidden here, behind that mist that slips into your very thoughts? A heartbeat made material, and yet… something beating far beyond. A dream, you think… a dream where the universe itself moans and twitches, knitting together a vision of something new and unseen. In a world of fabricated realness, you have touched the thrumming veins of true being.

You remember the will-be, the am, and ‘I am.’ I am the firefly in the night, the shooting star, the swirl of something that is nothing and everything at once. I am you, you are me. We are.

Release Date: November 20th, 2017


1. Miyagi – When The Stars Came Falling
2. Miyagi – A Better Ghost
3. Miyagi – Clouds feat. Allies For Everyone
4. Miyagi – Scene From A Dream
5. Miyagi – Secrets
6. Miyagi – Just A Second w/ Mz Sunday Luv
7. Miyagi – Fade Away
8. Miyagi – Thousand People
9. Miyagi – Strangers
10. Miyagi – Meeting You w/ Lazarusman
11. Miyagi – Remember The Butterflies

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