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Blur Records returns to the present another release from well-established Portuguese producers – Monotronik. Renowned for their sublime and well-thought approach to production, they deliver three original tracks – ‘Illusions’, ‘Wonder’ and ‘Want It’ – in a well-executed EP for the duo.

The first track ‘Illusions’ is an illustration of unrestrained music dynamism, with a dark consistency and an exciting groove. The progressive LFO bassline, in conjunction with the melodramatic synth stabs, it balances the track effortlessly, showcasing an accurately brilliant masterpiece.

Next is ‘Wonder’, a deceiving track since it soothes the listener into considering it will be lenient but is anything like. With carefully constructed harmonics, its rolling bass and diverse synthesizers, it drops incredibly well, making it an unconditional desired track for any set.

Lastly is ‘Want It’ , an enthralling engaging experience, moving with exciting aural qualities and characteristic progressive synths. The undulating bassline fits seamlessly with its free and crunchy drum work, making it an ear whipping release from Monotronik.

Release Date: May 29th, 2019


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