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Tamango Records sign uprising stars Moonlit Vision for a tasty four tracker EP. It’s the very first time since the opening “13k EP” by label boss Yaya that we provide a full-originals only EP – so fasten your seatbelt for an astonishing trip into every shape of house with their brand new ‘Pointed Sounds’ EP. Newcastle pals Ross and Callum wisely released only a few tracks in the last couple of years, landing on labels such as Rich Nxt’s ‘NxT Records’ and Lauren Lo Sung’s ‘E1even Records’. They’ve also got their tracks remixed by the likes of FUSE regulars Ben Rau and Rich NxT.

Opener ‘Something’ it’s a true house weapon where funky swinging snare drums carry the track from start to finish. Melodic pads go on and off, while catchy female vocal shots create an amazing atmosphere upon a serious shaking-groovy beat which is impossible to not move with.

Release Date: February 18th, 2019


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